Welcome to the Leuk's Landing Coffee Shop

Featuring coffees by DawnBreaker Coffee of Chelsea, MI

We feature three blends--Bold, Medium and Decaf--in 12 ounce packages.  Currently accepting Pick-Up orders only.


3 Roasts to Choose From

Choose from 3 roasts endorsed by three of our kitties.  Each roast is offered in whole bean or ground bags.

Bagheera (2).jpg

Bagheera's Bold Roast

Choose from whole beans or ground bags

Monkey (2).jpg

Monkey's Medium Roast

Choose from whole beans or ground bags


Diva's Decaf

Choose from whole beans or ground bags


About Our Coffee


DawnBreaker Coffee

Founded in January 2018 by Tom Atkinson and located in Chelsea, Michigan, DawnBreaker Coffee is dedicated to small-batch craft-roasted high-quality coffee that tastes excellent. All of our coffee is roasted by hand, meaning no automation, no pre-programmed machines, just human skill and artistry. 

At DawnBreaker Coffee, responsible sourcing is an important standard for our company. We purchase our green coffees in ethical ways, such as directly from producers so they get the best price for the coffees they grow, and from small-farmer cooperatives that use sustainable farming practices and support their communities. We do not buy from sources that exploit workers. 



Feel free to reach out with questions before making a purchase.  Please contact us to make arrangements for picking up your orders in the Ann Arbor area.


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